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In the lab, we use conditioning procedures to study how environmental stimuli influence spatial behavior (in 2-D and 3-D environments), working memory (e.g., selective interference), and choice behavior (e.g., conditional discriminations).  The use of conditioning procedures allow us to reduce “complex” phenomena into simpler effects.  Most projects in the lab include parallel studies conducted with humans and a non-human animal (rat or pigeon).  The lab includes 8 touchscreen-equipped conditioning chambers for rats, 4 touchscreen-equipped chambers for pigeons, 2 touchscreen computers for humans, and access to shared lab space with many standard computers for human data collection. Click on the following icons to learn more.

Human Research
Rat Research
Pigeon Research
Lab Vision

I am currently seeking a Ph.D. student for the lab.  The position comes with full tuition waiver, competitive stipend, and health insurance for five years. Please contact me for more information and visit

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