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PSYC 10213: General Psychology

One of the prerequisites for higher-level psychology courses. The science of psychology, integrating biological, social, cognitive, and learning influences on behavior; basic behavior processes, and principles of human and nonhuman behavior.

Credit cannot be given for both PSYC 10213 and either 10514 or 10524.

PSYC 30414: Experimental Psychology: Learning

Basic methods and concepts employed in the study of learning.

Three lectures and one laboratory per week.

Prerequisite: PSYC 30503

PSYC 30453: Memory and Cognition

An overview of major issues and topics in modern cognitive psychology with particular emphasis on interpreting basic research in memory and cognitive processes.

Prerequisite: PSYC 30503

PSYC 50603: Contemporary Learning Theory

Selected theoretical principles important for understanding complex behavior, and their recent extensions and application to human social behavior, autonomic and psychosomatic function, etc.

Prerequisite: Senior or graduate standing in Psychology, or approval of instructor.